Another Update on FabGL/Micro32 ESP32

I can’t believe how powerful this system is. It’s mindblowing. The VGA plug is almost as big as the entire board. This is another one of the examples I got compiled and deployed today. I have been studying the code to learn about the board. In this example this fellow Fabrizio has written a compatible CPM/3 operating system for this board that can run several applications at once in different windows you can switch between by pressing F1-F12. Multitasking and multiprocessing sitting on top of FreeRTOS with a full suite of commands including file copy, directory listing, running new tasks, setting priorities, monitoring memory, etc. … all in less than 50 lines of management code. This tiny chip sometimes feels like it is more powerful than my laptop running 4GHZ with 16 GIG. I also have found code for overlays so your application can theoretically be larger than the available memory space in SRAM.

It’s well worth the time needed to study the board and become familiar with its capabilities because I think it obviously has the capacity to host amazing applications and running my original VAULT-OS/CD-OS might be one of those incredible things it could do.

I have noticed with many of the example programs, it has only touched on what is possible. With some real infrastructure the board could run both an advanced web server and a modbus manager in real time in different memory spaces on different coprocessors.

As soon as I have some screen shots of my system running on this I will post them. I’m poring over the details of the net code and learning how to set up sockets on this device. So far I have found most POSIX code to compile on this without errors.

I only found out this board existed a few weeks ago and somehow it is starting to feel like destiny. This is the best board I could possibly ask for to put the first atomic version of my civil defense management software on. Future versions could have more hardware requirements but this basic unit should be the axle around which everything orbits in a retreat or shelter.