I’m Texas Arcane, the last remaining civil defense officer from the President John F. Kennedy Civil Defense Program. I was present when the program was closed down and defunded by traitors inside of our own government in 1975 and the nationwide shelter program was abandoned after hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on it; pursuant to a much bigger program that was planned to be instituted later on based on the initial discovery. President Kennedy was murdered on November 22, 1963 and out of respect for him his many enemies left his program in place until the funding for it had expired by Fall of 1975. I shook hands on the last day in Lincoln, Nebraska in the municipal building with my instructors and helped them to pack up the last of the teaching equipment.

My civil defense instructors told me they believed it was my destiny to restore the program and my duty to resume my command of what is possibly the most important government program ever initiated in United States history. I was 12 years old and wanted to be an Air Warden. I was only certified as a Radiological Officer because there was no age requirement. My instructors decided that since I was ineligible to be an Air Warden until I was 18 years old they would create a deputy role unique to me until I was old enough to assume Air Warden duties. They told me I would be designated as the “The Airboy.”

I’ve taken my job very seriously over the years. In fact, it may be the only job I have ever taken seriously.

My singular obsession is Civil Defense technology that I could only conjecture about theoretically in 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska. As the last person formally certified as a radiological officer by the John F. Kennedy Civil Defense administration at the age of 12, I have continued my mission to create the Universal Fieldbus and Unified Command and Control system (a Holy Grail of Embedded SCADA and HMI) which I have worked on daily for nearly 25 years since my first prototype in 1998. As with anything truly great, it has taken a while but I am going to publish my first application for this system this year in 2023.

I am quite certain it is going to change more than you could possibly believe right now. I am what psychologists call a completely isolated eccentric, a self-directed autodidact who for whatever reason has formulated a complete zeitgeist and worldview that is unique to his own perspective. I have not been working on this application for 25 years thinking of what it might profit me or how I might use it to improve my own situation. It is my original purpose and I thank God that this year I will finally get to fulfill my responsibility based on the original commission given to me by my instructors nearly 50 years ago.