The entire source code for VAULT-SYS (V1.0) will be found at first deployment here (Aug 2023) on Github likely to be under the GPL-3 license because of the Barracuda Applications Server it sits on top of. This will permit you to download the code and compile it for any personal non-commercial use. Meaning you can run it on your own shelter and your own hardware.


I will not supply the compiled or packaged versions of the application on this site. If you would like to get access to the prepackaged self-installing binaries when they are ready, they will be supplied to my subscribers at my Substack here :


Free subscribers will be able to download compiled packages from here, paid subscribers and founding members will have free access to all PDF documentation files. Founding members will have access to unique technology modules written as special plug-ins to the VAULT-SYS framework. These modules will be proprietary binaries that will not have their source code posted on the Github server.

It is likely that only the desktop versions of the software (Windows, WinCE, Linux, Mac & ARM) will be made available as binaries distributed to subscribers.