Working hard on the prototype for review by paid subscribers. As always, more there to integrate than I expected.

The diagram above illustrates how Vault-Sys / CD-OS works internally. It combines inputs from HTML requests, AJAX and Websockets into a shared contract that is the messaging format. Anything can participate using that message format and anything else can subscribe to those messages. The linkage is softer than MQTT but very reliable asynchronously.

No threads of any kind outside the virtual journaling transactions of SQLite to promote stability. All message stacks operate off In-Memory tables and can be statically backed up to disk at shutdown to pickup right where it left off when it boots again.

The foundation of this system has been run for up to several months 24/7 at a time nonstop at a telecommunications facility and an industrial station for Modbus & Canbus protocols without a single failure or crash during that time. Hopefully when released we can get even more comprehensive data to demonstrate reliability.

The first version will support inventory, medical, personnel and site management with other modules semi-functional but not quite complete. Barcoder wands should work out of the box on the inventory forms to capture the UPC serial code of the food product. Later on this will be linked to a massive lookup table of UPC codes to identify products and establish instances of them.