Real-Time Logic Grants Startup License To Vault-Co to Develop VAULT-SYS!

The very generous folks at Real-Time Logic have granted us a startup license to develop VAULT-SYS, our super networked monolithic civil defense management software with their Barracuda Application Server architecture as a foundation. This is a great day for VAULT-SYS, a grand framework for managing, monitoring and control of a civil defense shelter which has been under development for 25 years since 1998 when we built the first prototype in Visual Basic For DOS!

VAULT-SYS will supercede all four previous incarnations of this software released for review and feedback; Civil Defense Manager (2004), VAULT-OS (2012), CD-OS (2018) and CD-SYS (2022). Each one of these releases has contributed invaluable code that supports our application framework that will be integrated into VAULT-SYS which is going to be running on top of the extraordinary BAS (Barracuda Application Server) which is cross-platform and supported on almost 30+ major desktop and embedded platforms. Some of the highlights are VxWorks, QNX, Zephyr, FreeRTOS+TCP or lwIP, Embedded Linux, INTEGRITY, Windows & Win CE, Azure RTOS, NuttX, Nucleus RTOS, embOS, RTXC, SMX, MQX, RTOS-32, FreeRTOS-32, ESP32, ARM, Mac and UNIX/POSIX including most flavors of Linux. The attractive nature of this arrangement going forward is that we will license their product for every copy of software we sell or hardware we produce with VAULT-SYS burned into ROM and in return we will get a rock solid, fully secured optimized platform for our communications protocols and asynchronous response which can actually make use of multiple processors! Much of the BAS runs on top of Lua & LSP (Lua Server Pages) and with the addition of one of the new custom JIT compilers for Lua we can have VAULT-SYS running at assembly language speed with performance tailored to the platform it is hosted on including ARM devices! (The Pip-Boy clone we are working on running the application at present is on an STM32 device so support for ARM is going to be needed going forward. It is likely the hardware for most of the standalone devices will be based around STM32 boards because they are military ISO certified and tested robust hardened boards with MTBFs measured in decades.)

Watch this page for ongoing updates on our progress, it’s going to get legendary in coming months. Survivalists and preppers will someday wonder what the world used to be like before they had this software working for them. Remember our leaders bought only the best gear for their own shelters and it’s finally time the taxpayers got some of their money back for all those civil defense expenditures they wasted on protecting bureaucrats. VAULT-SYS will be the first product released by the Kennedy Civil Defense administration in the past 50 years since 1975 when the government defunded it and diverted the money to continuity of government programs.